Author: Martin Bradáč

Power Apps doesn´t have a typical "Pop-Up" window you may know from other development environments.

But if you need to simply notify user, you have a nice option - the Notify function. It only needs two parameters - text and a type of notification. You can select from 4 types:

  • Error,
  • Information,
  • Success a
  • Warning.

It only affects the visual style - color and icon, as you can see here. There is no impact besides of style.

Notify("Sample- Error";NotificationType.Error)

Notify("Sample- Information";NotificationType.Information)

Notify("Sample- Success";NotificationType.Success)

Notify("Sample- Warning";NotificationType.Warning)

The voluntary third parameter is Timeout. It declares,  ehm... timeout, the length of appearance in milliseconds. It empty or 0, it will be open until closing by users.

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