Assistance with business data processing and analysis

Being a manager or analyst, it sometimes may require dealing with huge and „messy“ data to derive exact, brief and elegant outputs – tables and charts.

In such a situation you may contact (call) us. We will do this job for you and if you want, we will teach you how to handle such task on your own next time.

We particularly focus on following processes:

  • Merging data from several „incompatible“ resources
  • Cleaning of data (removing errors, duplicities, ambiguities,…)
  • Data processing and data evaluation (SAP, Helios)
  • Creation of comprehensible charts, tables and presentations with outputs.

We help to process reports in different fields – manufacturing, purchasing marketing, accounting.

Do you need to process data by tomorrow? Call us and we will see how we can help you..

Minor tasks are possible to deal with by e-mails, phone calls or remote desktops. As regards more complicated tasks, we can come directly to your company.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we can explain to you how we could help you.