This article describes, how to change the values shown in a chart with one click.

For example here you can simply switch between pieces and total prices.


How to do it?

First you need a table containing values corresponding to values show in slicer. You can import the table or create it using DAX and DATATABLE function.

  • List of values in chart = DATATABLE(
         "Values in chart"; STRING;
         {"Total price"}

Let´s create a slicer, that uses this table.

Now create a measure, "switchable" by item selected in slicer.


  • Selected value =
    SELECTEDVALUE('List of values in chart'[Values in chart]);
        "Pieces";SUM('Sales data'[Pieces]);
         "Total price";SUM('Sales data'[Total price]))

Use this measure in visual.

Now the item selected in slicer is "recognized" by SELECTEDVALUE and, depending on its value, returns one of multiple calculations.


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